Vince M.

Vince is Bug Man. Moved to Maui 30 odd years ago he brought his wife and daughters away from the bitter cold of Pennsylvania winters. He was the Chief Engineer at the Intercontinental Hotel in Wailea, completed a beautiful expansion project and the hotel, appreciating his work, wanted to send him away from his island home to complete similar expansions all over the world, he couldn’t leave. Bug Man needed a boost so Vince joined in and now is our President. In order to hold an RME or Responsible Managing Employee in the State of Hawaii, Vince had to put in time in all departments of the company, Pest Control, Termite Control, and Tent Fumigation. He fostered Bug Man relations with local Contractors, & Realtors, and He has given the rest of us Bug Men a dedicated, hard working image to exemplify. At his tender age of old, he still beats the wings of us young Bugs when he uncovers a house after fumigation, a job that would take 3 big strong Bugs. Most days he focuses on the important things keeping Bug Man going.

Vince is Bug Man.