Mary Jo

Mary Jo

Hello my name is Mary Jo and I have been involved with Bug Man in one way or another since the it’s early days.  Back in the late 80’s my folks, Vince & Janet M, both hung their real estate license at the office of Pali Kai Realtors, located in the Island Surf building across from Kalama Park in Kihei.  I watches Jerry Morphis, Bob Sieb, and later my father, Vince M, grow a small scrappy crew into an incorporated company.  When my parents bought into Bug Man in 1993 I learned that our job is customer satisfaction and that skilled technicians get you farther then, slick ad campaigns and fast pushy sales men.  I went to college in Texas and got married to Tim D., can back home to Maui and Bug Man.  I grew my own family along side Bug Man, I now have three wonderful children and a husband that share my commitment to this company and serve the good people of Maui.  In late 2007, my husband and I stepped in General and Office Manager.  My position changed in early 2012 when my father passed away, at this time, my partners voted me in as Corporate President.  This was my dads title and I strive to carry the weight and responsibility of employee families and steadfast clients, in such a way to make him proud.

Bug Man is a great company with it’s heart and soul, tied to Maui not the state, the country, or the world, because this place is unique.  We service all of Maui and have a full time technician on Moloka’i.  Years ago, Vince and I, debated over what our place was in the business society, he insisted that we were mere garbage men, that our client wanted have to have us come address a problem and to be as invisible as possible.  I, however, liken us to house doctors, your home has bugs and, like a virus in the body, there is a need for a remedy, sometimes the best solution is to improve the homes defenses and sometimes a medicinal would need to be applied to combat an infection or infestation.  I compel our staff to get licensed, to understand our craft, to look at the bigger picture and to find a cure not to just treat a symptom.

With 20 years of experience and big plans for the future

I am Bug Man

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