Fumigation Preparations Procedures

Fumigation Preparations Procedures

Prior to the arrival of the Fumigation Crew, you will need to prepare the items listed below:

1.       Remove all living things, such as animals, fish and indoor plants.

2.       Remove baby mattresses and waterproof mattress covers.

3.       Remove all medications occupants may need.  Double bag medications left in structure during the treatment in special bags provided.

4.       Remove all valuables such as cash, jewelry, and fine art as windows will be left open during the aeration period.

5.       Double bag all foods left in structure during the treatment in the special bags provided.  This would include food in refrigerator, freezer and all open liquor bottles.  If you plan to remove the food, do not place in these special bags. Exception: Unopened glass or metal containers do not need to be bagged even though left in the building.  Remove pet foods from structure if not canned.

6.       It is not necessary to bag clothes, dishes or beddings, as the gas has no odor or residue to harm these items.

7.       On exterior of building to be fumigated, clear a 3 feet perimeter of any foliage, rocks, vines, sprinkler heads or other obstructions.  You may wish to relocate plants in this area as the fumigant may kill them.  Remove any yard ornaments that may be in the way of the fumigation process.  If preparation is not completed prior to crew arrival, the preparation work may be charged to the owner.

8.       Soak the perimeter of building before our arrival.

9.       Automatic timing devices, alarms, sprinklers, exterior lights must be turned off.

10.    Contact Propane Gas Supplier for instructions on turning off gas.

11.    Remove all antennas, guide wires, weather vanes and satellite dishes.

12.    If your building has abutting walls or fences, you may need to remove them to allow an effective fumigation.

Bug Man takes great care to avoid damage.  Some damage may be unavoidable.  Bug Man assumes no responsibility for any damage caused by the tenting or fumigation procedure, including but not limited to roof, gutters, water sprinkler systems, utility lines, awnings, plants, attachments, antennas, satellite dishes, chimneys or any other protrusions from structure

Occupants should open all locked doors and closets and supply key to fumigator or office for aeration and clearing of the structure.  Property should be vacated on arrival of crew.  Arrival and re-entry times are contingent on fumigators schedule that is affected by weather, traffic and other factors.  If weather conditions prevent a safe cover on your scheduled date, your job will be rescheduled at the earliest opportunity.  Safe re-entry time will be posted on your door. For your safety, no entry before fumigator has cleared building.

If you have any questions call our office.

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    1. As long as you’re not planning on drinking the shampoo, it is fine. Unopened liquor, is safe to enjoy at home.

  1. Do I have to bag unopened corked wine bottles in my condo? And where can I get the bags for people leaving long before the planned date?

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