Termite Control

Hawaii’s year-round warm weather has allowed many introduced insect pests to take hold, and the seven species of termite found here are among these immigrants. The most destructive termites are the Formosan subterranean termite and the West Indian drywood termite, both of which arrived during the past 100 years and are now common throughout the state. They cause more than $100 million damage per year to structures. The other five termite species are not as great an economic threat. They are pests of trees and only occasionally infest structures. Three of them, the western drywood, Indo-Malaysian drywood, and Pacific dampwood termites, have arrived since the 1980s, and so far their distribution is not extensive. But because these recent introductions are significant pests elsewhere, they likely will become more economically important as they spread. The other two species, the forest and lowland tree termites, have probably been residents of Hawaii’s forests for centuries.
Excerpt from;
Hawaii’s Termites—
An Identification Guide

Applying termiticide for the prevention of Ground Termites

We offer a full list of services, from Soil Treatments for pre-construction, Ground treatments for post-construction, spot treatments for very limited areas, to Tent Fumigation.  Each of these methods has a time and place where they offer excellent control and eradication of termites.