Tent Fumigation

Tent Fumigation

Had to save the Trees

While there maybe other methods Tent Fumigation with Vikane gas is the leading proven method of Termite Treatment for drywood termites.  Vikane is a colorless odorless gas, which can kill all the pests inside the tarped structure, including inside the vary walls.

  • First the home or building is prepared, food is removed or double bagged.
  • Second on the day of cover the fumigation crew arrives on site, while the equipment is being unloaded the lead fumigator inspects the inside of the home to ensure that all the interior preparation has been handled,  Every breathable space must be checked.
  • Third the tarps are used to seal the building, tear gas is introduced to the structure as a warning agent, followed by the Vikane, which has been calculated according to the size of the structure, weather and target pest.
  • Finally, after the calculated amount of time, the tarps are removed.  The structure must aerate for 6 – 8 hours at which time the building can be cleared for reentry.

Vikane leaves no residual, housewares don’t need to be cleaned, dishes are safe to eat off of, and you can lay back down on your bed and have a peaceful rest in you termite free home.  In most cases the whole process takes 30 hours.

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Fumigation Preparation or download it in a PDF

Bagging Instructions in a PDF