Pest Control

Pest Control

Hawaii is one of the few places on Earth believed to harbor no native ant species. The extreme isolation of the island chain has meant that ants never managed to arrive on their own. In fact, Hawaii’s native fauna includes no social insects of any kind. Today, at least 47 ant species in 7 subfamilies and 24 genera have become established. This assemblage is unique in that nearly all of the species qualify as “tramps” – species with habits and life histories that make them exceedingly good at moving about in conjunction with human activity. Among them are a majority of the world’s most successful, and damaging, invasive species.
Excerpt from;
Hawaii Ants
By Paul Krushelnycky

Rudy at Wailea Ekolu

We offer general pest control for Ants, Roaches, Centipedes, Scorpions & Silverfish.  Most homes are treated 4 times a year on a quarterly basis, and commercial establishments are treated monthly.

We also offer Rodent Control, Foliage Treatments, Honey Bee removal services, and All Natural programs.