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    August 10, 2013 - tdrake

    Taking care of the nasties

      So, after many years, and using a number of different systems to help eliminate the nasty coptotermes formosanus (Formosan Subterranean termite), we have finally added the name brand in termite baiting systems, Sentricon® , to our finely tuned arsenal. For a number of years, we have avoided this product due to some of the restrictions that the […]

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  • Well…when it comes to bugs, it sure does help. This article is about something that restaurants, especially small ones, sometimes dread…cleaning.  Especially when business is slow, it can take a lot out of a small restaurants budget to get some very basic cleaning services done, yet sometimes, that cleaning can do more then just make […]

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  • Aaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!  The words every homeowner hates to hear.  Especially when those termites are the dreaded Formosan Subterranean Termite (coptotermes formosanus).  These guys do over $1 billion in home and structural damage in the United States, every year, with 10% of that being done in our beautiful state of Hawaii ($100 million).  These little buggers were […]

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  • October 8, 2010 - tdrake

    Foliage Pest Control Services

    Are you having problems with Whitefly, Mealybug, or even that pesky Bumpy Leaf Mite???  Bug Man has just the service to be able to knock out those problems.  We offer an ornamental foliage treatment to help eliminate those pesky plant suckers.  Our service includes a one-two combo that both kills the insects that are currently infesting the […]

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