Spot Treatments?

Spot Treatments?

Yes, we can do spot treatments and will, when it is the best option. For example a new piece of furniture, where no evidence is found that the termites have moved into the actual surfaces of the home, or wood cabinets or trim in a cement condominium unit, may be a good candidate for a spot treatment. Spot treatments are defined by the industry as treating a small area of exposed lumber. With popular construction methods of double wall construction where wooden studs are hide behind drywall, finding the full extent of a infestation can be near impossible. This is why most often a Tent Fumigation for Drywood Termites is recommended as it offers the best option for Colony elimination.

For Spot Treatments there are a few products that we feel give the best results, one is Termidor Dry, Termidor® DRY Termiticide features a patented Microllose™-based formulation that can be applied with precision directly to termite galleries in wood, carton nests, or shelter tubes in or away from structures. It quickly kills drywood and subterranean termites and is transferred among termites via the Termidor “Transfer Effect™.” Below you see Tim Drake going to extreme lengths for the job as he has crawled under the bottom supporting cabinet of a custom bed. Around him, you may see the Frass or Termite Waste, small sand like granules, and in his left hand he is holding the Termidor Dry applicator.

Tim D. doing a Spot Treatment
We are Proud to have Tim the Bug Man on our team.

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