Good night, Sleep tight….

Good night, Sleep tight….

As a child, I heard this saying, “Good night, Sleep tight, Don’t let the Bedbugs bite”.  I honestly thought it was just a sing song nursery rhyme, right up there with Green Eggs & Ham and something about “Mares e doats”.  Bedbugs and Boogy Men, stayed out of my life until I discovered not all these tales are fiction.  Upon learning that Bedbugs were real I called my mom, the one who had wished my off to sleep with those sweet words years ago, “Mom, did you know bedbugs are REAL!!”  Her chuckle confirmed my fear and then she shared a story.  When she was a child living on a diary farm south of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, orphans from the children’s home came down to visit, the favors they left behind were not so nice.  My grandmother took the steel bed frames out into the field and held a candle under every rail and spring to kill the critters.  I can’t imaging how much extra work this process would have added to her already full schedule of raising 9 kids, washing everything by hand and (I still can’t fathom) IRONING SHEETS!  The story laid out for me an example of the lengths our fore fathers (or mothers) would go to battle these evil sheet dwellers.

Wisdom is Power

Bedbugs are not a vector, this means they will not transfer disease between hosts.  The Plague, Malaria, and Typhus are passed by vector creatures.  Bedbugs can live a long time between meals, some research suggests up to a year between feedings.  Bedbugs, like Mosquitoes are drawn toward their prey by the carbon dioxide and pheromones that they give off.  While they may not win a marathon, Bedbugs are capable of traveling as far as 100 feet to feed.

It’s not about Hygiene

Bedbugs can be found any where.  third world hostels to five star resorts.  Sadly, they get more and more prevalent every year.


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