Taking care of the nasties

Taking care of the nasties



So, after many years, and using a number of different systems to help eliminate the nasty coptotermes formosanus (Formosan Subterranean termite), we have finally added the name brand in termite baiting systems, Sentricon® , to our finely tuned arsenal.

For a number of years, we have avoided this product due to some of the restrictions that the products manufacturer, Dow AgroSciences, has put on the use and maintenance of the system, primarily that we were restricted from using a very effective spot treatment product, Termidor, when outbreaks would occur in a structure being protected by Sentricon.  With the recently released, Sentricon with Always Active™, this restriction has been removed which allows us to better service our customers needs.

Let me explain a little about the use of the different termite control products so that you might get a feel for how they work to protect the structure.

Physical Barriers (BTB, Impasse, Termimesh) all act in different ways to physically keep the termite out of a structure.

Chemical Barriers (Termidor, Dragnet, Premise) all act in basically the same way, providing a chemical barrier that kills the termites that try to enter the structure.  It is more effective to have the structure treated while it is in the construction phase, but they all can be applied either before or after a structure is constructed.

Baits (Sentricon, Advance, Exterra) work in an entirely different manner.  They require that the termites find and consume the bait that is found within the bait stations.  Most commonly the systems do not start with an active bait inside the stations, they start with a highly concentrated cellulose that provides food for the termites without anything to kill them, and rely on technicians to monitor the stations on a monthly basis, and swap out the harmless bait with a bait that keeps the termites from maturing, sl;owly killing the whole colony.

Up until the release of the Sentricon with Always Active, the Sentricon installations behaved in the manner mentioned above.  With the Always Active system, the stations are initially installed with an active bait already present, and are not required to be checked any more than once per year, as the plasticized cellulose is highly resistant to moisture damage, and there is more than enough active bait in it to kill an entire colony.


To be continued…


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