Need a Greener YardGood rainy seasons can lead to a Rodent influxProtect your investment

Need a Greener Yard

Our Pest Control Technician can treat your yard during your regular service

Good rainy seasons can lead to a Rodent influx

Need some new Rodent Bait Stations?

Protect your investment

Experts agree your home should be refumigated every 3-5 years

Pest Control
Hawaii is one of the few places on Earth believed to harbor no native ant species. The extreme isolation of the island chain has meant that ants never managed to arrive…

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Tent Fumigation

Had to save the Trees

While there maybe other methods Tent Fumigation with Vikane gas is the leading proven method…

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Termite Control
Hawaii’s year-round warm weather has allowed many introduced insect pests to take hold, and the seven species of termite found here are among these immigrants. The most destructive termites are the…

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Who is Bug Man?

I could write some flashy piece here using words I thought would impress you, opinions designed to dazzel you, but honestly that just not me. I was moved to Maui when…

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